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Our goal is to provide your business with high quality results and a guaranteed ROI from online marketing.

General Questions (23)

What is Biznearby Online Business Listing?
Biznearby Online Business Listing is a service that provides a single point of entry for the creation and distribution of enhanced business profiles. The core of all Biznearby packages is our syndication service. For a nominal fee per year, verified data will be distributed to all major outlets, including:
Biznearby App.
Search engines.
Online directories.
Social networks.
Mobile phones and apps (Blackberry, iPhone, Android).
Directory assistance services.
In-car GPS navigation services.
Which search engines and directories receive the data?
Our core syndication service feeds directly into the publisher data management system, the top anchor database for Canada. This database is considered trusted content by major publishers and directories. It directly and indirectly reaches multiple of distribution. Biznearby also offers direct distribution into numerous sites and directories. See the product pages for our Enhanced and Premium packages.
Can I control where the listings go?
Biznearby is able to provide more certainty about its core distribution by working with the vendors who provide the underlying databases to the publishers, so it is not possible to deselect specific sites. A principle of Biznearby is to make data freely available to all legitimate search engines and directories in our industry in order for business listings to be universally distributed. You may, of course, still claim your own listings on individual sites if you prefer.
When can I expect my listing to start appearing?
Direct listing distribution (Expedited Listing, Local SEO Profiles, Video Syndication) takes approximately 30 to 45 days to complete. For core syndication to the publisher data management system, as the directories and search engines have various data refresh schedules. Some directories may change the information within weeks, but others refresh their data on longer schedules. We cannot control that, but we can assure you we will make the data available to the publishers and database vendors as quickly as their schedules permit.
What is a Webcard?
A Webcard is a simple web page that includes all of the elements of your certified business profile: contact information, logo, products and services, hours of operation, and more. Once you are submitted your listing information to Biznearby, we create the Webcard immediately so that you can see how your master business profile will appear across the web. Your Webcard is like a calling card for your business online, and having one boosts your search ranking and online visibility. There's no extra cost for this service, and your publicly posted Webcard can even be used in lieu of a business website.
Can I make changes to my Webcard?
Yes. You can make changes to your profile at any time and those changes will be immediately reflected in your online Webcard.
Will the directories use all of the data I send?
Some directories only publish base information such as business name, phone, address, and web address. However, we can assure you that our core distribution service makes all of the data available to publishers, who are increasingly accepting more enhanced data.
Will I receive the login information for my listing in each directory?
For our core distribution service, submissions are via automated data feed, so no user account is created by each directory. These submissions are public, meaning we do not own or claim them, so you have the ability to claim once published on sites that offer this service. Most Biznearby packages also include direct submission services such as Claimed Profiles, Profiles Plus, and Blogs & Video. For these services, we submit, modify, and/or claim your listing on several key sites, and where applicable we do provide you with login information.
I already have owner verified or claimed listings on some sites. Will my submission to Biznearby overwrite these listings or create duplicate listings?
On sites where your listing is already claimed, we are prevented from editing, so you need to log into your account on the site to make changes. Be sure to submit to us the same content that you have submitted to any directory or search sites, so that your Biznearby listing will be viewed as a match and no duplicate listing will be created. Although we cannot edit your claimed listings, we create multiple citations for your business that are known to act as "votes" for the relevance of your listings, claimed or otherwise, in local searches.
How can I track my listing and what kind of reporting do you offer?
For our direct submission services, Biznearby offers completion reports containing detailed information about the work we are done for you: listings submitted, profiles created, links, and passwords. For our core distribution, we cannot provide reporting on specific directories to which your listing has been distributed, but listings will begin to appear over time.
What process is used for verification?
All of our listings are subject to verification by internal submission team. Business listings that cannot be automatically verified will result in a phone call from the internal submission team to verify listing information. It is important to complete the verification process if you are contacted by the team; if the verification call is refused, the listing will not be distributed.
What happens if my information cannot be verified?
This is a very rare instance for a real business. The submission team will make at least three attempts to contact you before notifying us that verification was unsuccessful. If this occurs, Biznearby will notify you via email, and you will have an opportunity to adjust the information to ensure full distribution. There is no extra fee for this resubmission.
How often can I make changes to my listing(s)?
Changes may be made at any time through your account login. However, remember that the directories will not update the information immediately. This is not a venue for promoting weekly specials or other data that changes frequently. (You may of course update your business website, coupon link, or other links more frequently if you maintain the same web address.) If basic business facts such as name, address, and telephone number need to be modified, make those changes in the profile form for your Biznearby listing, and the updated listing will be distributed through our core syndication channel.
Can I request a deletion?
A deletion may be requested if the business has ceased operations. Biznearby will send the request through our core syndication channel.
Will old listings be removed or updated?
Biznearby is an effective path to correction due in part to our partnerships with anchor databases. As these partners provide trusted source content to many of the major directories, submitting correct information via Biznearby will expedite the process of correcting your listing data. The breadth of Biznearby distribution also acts to corroborate those corrections. However, we cannot guarantee that every directory will be able to match and update all erroneous listings.
Why is there a renewal fee?
Many directories and data providers require that listing data be refreshed annually. Some directories remove listings if they are not actively updated. Also, many of the top directories, search engines and GPS services require an annual renewal fee to stay listed. Renewing your listing helps keep data fresh and information about your business accurate.
What if I do not renew?
If you do not renew after the notices we send, your record will be removed from the active file that we provide to directories. Different sites and distribution partners will treat deactivated Biznearby listings in different ways, according to their policies. Some may keep the listings active and some may delete them. This is beyond our control.
Can I buy a subscription for multiple years?
To make sure that you check your listing for accuracy at least once a year, and to better serve you and the public, we do not offer purchasing for multiple years. This also ensures that there will be auto-renewal with annual basis.
Can I upgrade a listing after I purchase?
If you decide to upgrade your package within 4 months of original purchase then you may do so for the difference in package price. For upgrades made after the 4 month period, you will be charged the current full package price. To upgrade, contact your account manager.
Some sites allow me to add my information for free, so why do I have to pay?
Our value is efficiency, time saving, and depth of distribution. Many important venues such as directory assistance, mobile apps, and GPS navigation devices do not offer public access to submit data. Our nominal fee is cost effective for businesses small and large. Biznearby App is a unique tool to market your business and attract local clients, while others cannot do the same.
What forms of payments do you accept?
We accept cheques, Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal.
What is your refund policy?
You have 48 hours to cancel without penalty. Once 48 hours has passed cancellation is not allowed.
What is your contact information?
Attn: Customer Support
3100 Steeles Ave East, Suite 308, Markham, ON, Canada L3R 8T3
Phone: 416-566-2222

Enhanced Package (4)

What is Expedited Listing?
Expedited Listing is a direct feed service that establishes your online listing with several important sites and data providers, offering early results while broad syndication gets underway.
What sites are included in Expedited Listing?
(This is a partial list and may be edited from time to time)
Canadian Business Directory
Scott's Info
Will I get an Expedited Listing report?
Yes. Your Status page displays your Expedited Listing completion report. To get to the Status page, log in to your Biznearby account, click Business Listings, and select the Status link on the far right for any listing. Where possible, your report will display the live link of your new or verified listing.
How long will it take to complete Expedited Listing syndication?
Your order will be completed in approximately 30-45 days.

Premium Package (7)

What if I have very few photos or no photos to send?
We can capture photos from your website or use images from our database of royalty-free images.
I already have an account with some websites (such as Facebook or Twitter). Will the listings you create conflict with my existing listings?
We conduct a search wherever possible to find if your business is already listed. If yours is found, we will bypass that website and add an additional site to your list.
What if I do not have the kind of logo or avatar icon that I usually notice on business profiles?
We will create a basic logo and icon using your business name.
What are Biznearby's qualifications in offering content creation and submission services?
After years with cooperation with the publisher data management companies our team has completed hundreds of robust professional listings for the SEO and internet marketing industry.
What kind of search results will I get if I sign up?
Since many websites continually change their ranking criteria, we cannot guarantee search results. However, listings and citations will always be a key factor in getting top search results with our multi listings.
How do I know my business has been submitted to the sites on your list?
After completing your professional listing, we will email a Completion Report with links to your new listings as well as user names and passwords that give you access to your profiles.
Do you maintain the profiles after submission?
We do not perform ongoing maintenance, but we do send user names and passwords so that you can manage ongoing updates on as many sites as you choose.